Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some of my Smash Book Pages

Hi everyone!!  I just wanted to share some pages I did in my handmade smash book.

 My favorite books page.  The ribbon and buttons are from my mom's stash.  You can open and write in the small books on the top left corner.

 My favorites page.  Everything on this page is from my stash.

 My family page and home.  Everything on this page is from my stash.

 I am creative me page.  All this is from my stash except the paper.

Discovery Gateway.

Another page of Discovery Gateway (left) and afterwards (right).

The Dinosaur Museum.

Another page of The Dinosaur Museum (left) and pictures of me (right).

Some more pictures of me (left) and Liberty Park (right).

Some pictures from Liberty Park.

 A day at my grandpa's on waterslide and slip-and-slide.

 I got this stuff from a boy in Nashville, Tennessee.

 Some more stuff from Nashville, Tennessee.

Postcards and a card.  I sent myself the one from Wyoming the one from Santa Barbara is from a friend and all the others are from other people.

Thanks for looking.  Have a nice day.

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Whimcees said...


Your smash book is so great! You have put so much work in the details and it is wonderful!

Barbara Diane